Personalized Engagement and Compassionate Support for Your Healing Journey

At Lotus Trauma Care, we provide personalized and genuine engagement and services to each client and organization with a focus on their unique needs and strengths

Our Services

Trauma Yoga Classes

Cultivate healing and resilience through gentle yoga practices designed to support trauma recovery.

Trauma-Informed Care Training

Gain knowledge and skills to support individuals with trauma histories through compassionate and empowering approaches.

Therapy & Counseling

Compassionate support and evidence-based interventions to help individuals heal from past traumas and thrive.

Trauma Care Resources

Engage with interactive e-learning courses and resources for trauma professionals, treatment, and trauma-informed care.

Our Therapists

At Lotus Trauma Care, we provide personalized and genuine engagement for each client, focusing on their unique needs. Our compassionate therapists are genuinely interested in your interests, strengths, passions, motivations, and desires. We are dedicated to supporting you regardless of your past experiences.

Worsham El, LCSW, CFTP

I'm here to support you in your journey to success. I'll provide guidance.

Melodie Howard, LCSW

My approach is holistic and my counseling style is warm, collaborative, and motivational.

Adrienne Belton, A.M., LSW

I specialize in working with teens and adults that have dealt with chronic stress and trauma.

Ashley Pulley Bey, M.S.

I bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to our therapeutic relationship.

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